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Hospital Care


Caregiver and Senior in Hospital

Part Companionship and Part Respite Care We Are There When Your Loved One Needs Someone and You Cannot Be There

When loved ones are temporarily in the hospital or facility, they sometimes need additional one on one care to help ensure their safety. Comfort Keepers can help reassure them, comfort them and alert the nursing staff when intervention is needed. The whole family can rest assured that their loved one is in good hands.

Anyone can feel disoriented and anxious when they’re in the hospital. Often the hospital staff just does not have the time to give them the attention they need.  If left unattended some people can be a safety risk to themselves or others.  At these times, they need compassionate, one-on-one attendance to help them remain calm, safe and secure, and help ensure they receive the highest standard of care possible. This is where Comfort Keepers of Arcadia’s professional trained, experienced Comfort Keeper caregivers come in.  Sometimes referred to by hospital staff as “hospital sitters”, because they sit with the patients, Comfort Keeper caregivers can provide the extra supervision needed in a hospital, skilled nursing, sub-acute unit or rehabilitation setting at the bedside of your loved one. Our caregivers are dedicated and focused on 100% visual and audible observation of their clients to help ensure they are safe and are getting the care they need.  Depending on their client’s condition or the plan of care outlined by the family and staff nurse, the Comfort Keeper will help them with toileting and hygiene, engage them in conversation, read to them, and help them eat their meals. Comfort Keepers act as both your eyes and ears when you cannot be there and will help advocate for them in a hospital setting.


What We Offer

  • Companionship
  • Assistance with Toileting
  • Patient Advocacy
  • In Person Monitoring


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