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Caregiver Tips for Arcadia: Avoiding Social Isolation

Feb 15, 2017 by Comfort Keepers Arcadia

As a caregiver for a senior, you devote your time and energy to their care to the point that your social life may be impacted and you might not realize it. Read Article

Time to See the Doctor?

Oct 30, 2016 by Comfort Keepers Arcadia

Have your ever exclaimed “I want to sit around for hours waiting on the Doctor!”? No, me either. Few things are more annoying than waiting for what seems like an eternity to see your doctor, especially after you have made the appointment (probably weeks in advance) and arrived for it promptly. Read Article

10 Signs of Caregiver Stress

Sep 30, 2016 by Comfort Keepers Arcadia

A study of family caregivers found that those who experience caregiving-related stress have a 63% higher mortality rate than non-caregivers of the same age. There are several reasons why stress occurs, such as exhaustion, insomnia, and Read Article

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